Welcome to MDOC

As survivors of early mother loss, what we all want is to keep our mothers alive! TheĀ Orange County Chapter of Motherless Daughters is an organization that serves to metaphorically and symbolically keep our memories and relationships with our mothers alive. MDOC is a non profit organization for women and young girls, who were age 21 or younger, when they lost their mothers through death. Through MDOC, we are committed to providing a healing, supportive, and nurturing environment for our “Sisters at Heart.” Throughout the year, we provide activities and events to help us remember the special woman who welcomed us into the world, and whose untimely death altered our lives forever. We love; we remember. Although we wish it had been different, the interaction with other motherless daughters helps validate our experiences. MDOC provides a sounding board where we can tell our stories, share our pain, and heal our wounded hearts. Collectively, MDOC helps us stay connected to what we had, as well as help navigate the direction of our future.