MDOC “Sisters at Heart”

A very special thanks goes to Cathy Draeger for bringing new ideas to our chapter. Thanks to Cathy we now have a new logo, beautiful brochures that have been professional done, pens and shopping bags with MDOC new logo and our website information printed on them to distribute and get the word out that we are stronger than ever before. This will enable us to continue our activities in our effort to reach out to other motherless daughters. Cathy has also been very generous in opening up her home for our Continuing Bonds series and the Remembering through Art workshops.

MDOC would like to give a big thanks the new officers and new board members for stepping up in supporting our chapter MDOC to a bright and new future for all motherless daughters.

Pass President  Cathy Draeger

Secretary  Laura Gibson

Treasurer  Tara Penton

Members of the Board  Cindy Hallgren, Ilene Osran, Randi Rubin